Vietnamese Chilli & Lemongrass: Vegan Paste

Vietnamese Chilli & Lemongrass: Vegan Paste

A unique blend ideal for stir-fry, and a great sauce to spice up any hot or cold food, noodle, rice, meat, seafood or tofu etc… basically you can add this to anything you like, as much as you like straight from the jar.

Ingredients: Chilli, lemongrass, shallots, and garlic cooked in rapeseed oil.

No additive or preservative – 100% natural ingredients. Made in the UK.

Great when combining with our Vietnamese BBQ Marinade to add the extra spice to your favourite meat or seafood.

Vietnamese BBQ Marinade

Vietnamese Chilli & Lemongrass: Shrimp Paste

Vietnamese Chilli & Lemongrass: Shrimp Paste

A strong pungent South East Asian flavour softened with lemongrass, chilli, and shallots. We balanced the taste so you don’t have to, just spoon it out of the jar and on to your plate.

Ingredients: Chilli, lemongrass, shrimp paste, and shallots cooked in rapeseed oil.

No additive or preservative – 100% natural ingredients. Made in the UK.

This recipe originated from our Spicy Beef noodle soup dish called ‘Bun Bo Hue’ from Vietnam imperial city Hue. Add a spoon of this paste and turn any broth (beef, chicken or vegetarian) into the distinctive chilli and lemongrass flavour of Vietnam’s world famous Bun Bo Hue.

Also great in stir-fry, and a dipping sauce for hot or cold food.

Vietnamese BBQ Marinade

Vietnamese BBQ

Vietnamese BBQ Marinade

A concentrate well-balanced savoury, sweetness, and a hint of spice to give meat or seafood the flavour it needs to wow your taste buds. The decision to BBQ, pan-fry or cook in the oven is up to you.

10g or 1 tablespoon per 100g of meat – more or less to your liking. Marinate for at least 10 minutes to let the flavour soak in or use as a dipping sauce if you simply don’t have time.

Combine with 1 teaspoon of chilli & lemongrass paste for that extra boost of chilli and lemongrass taste.

Ingredients: Fish sauce, salt, sugar, black pepper, chicken powder, paprika, chilli powder, 5 spices (star anise, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, ginger).

Contains less than 2% of chicken powder which has a small amount of preservatives otherwise all natural ingredients. Made in the UK.

Vietnamese BBQ Marinade

About Us

Ládudu, papaya leaf in Vietnamese was created in 2009 after our founder Teresa Le was made redundant from her job as a project manager at a leading IT company. After more than a decade working in corporate she decided to create her own project despite the financial crisis at the time. Ládudu started as a small business teaching private Vietnamese home cooking (“Success Story from British Library 2009”) which transformed in 2011 into a busy and well loved restaurant in London West Hampstead till 2017. Teresa’s love and passion for food is more than just eating, to her, food is an experience, a philosophy she embedded in the company values from the start. Try one of our Vietnamese sauces in your next meal and you’ll understand why we’re passionate about food.

Restaurant quality food at home

Ládudu Restaurant was buzzing with life and well loved from the first day of opening right until the very last night. Our customers and staff enjoyed our food so much they begged us not to close. They however understood and appreciated our future mission of taking our food’s philosophy beyond the restaurant business to develop into a global brand. We have successfully created a restaurant dinning experience most Vietnamese are proud of and have inspired countless number of people to be part of the Ládudu’s family with our philosophy. Our next goal is to inspire more people to cook at home with help from our range of products, traditional Vietnamese dishes or simply a touch of Vietnamese flavour to spice up a healthy home cooked meal.

The decision to close a busy restaurant was not an easy one to make. We believe in 100% commitment in everything that we do and decided to give our Vietnamese sauces the focus and attention it needs to succeed. Lessons learnt from our restaurant are invaluable in helping us achieving quality and freshest in our products as we bring ‘restaurant quality’ to everyday home cooking.

Our company values and future mission

Teresa has been cooking from a young age, her style of cooking has developed from generations of traditions and knowledge mixed with her own techniques adapted to the modern busy city lifestyle. Being a busy working woman Teresa understand time is important, but compromising on a nutritional home cooked meal is not an option or an excuse. Born in the country, raised in the city, but she lives from the kitchen. Teresa understands the urban kitchen but never lost touch with her roots, the memories of gathering fresh ingredients in the countryside from her childhood set the foundation for Ládudu. Our company’s values are centred around this same concept of simplicity, freshest, family traditions, and connecting people through food. To us it is never just about food, but the experience food creates, hence our slogan is “It’s not just food, It’s an experience”.

Connecting people with food is our mission. We started by cooking with our customers in their own kitchens, then cooked and served from our restaurant’s kitchen. After 7 years in a professional kitchen we realised our true calling is home kitchens, we hope to inspire as many people as we can to get creative with our Vietnamese sauces. We would like to add more products to our range as we grow, please send us your suggestions and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

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Recipe Ideas

Noodles, wholesome instant flavour

Congee with a spoonful of flavour

Steak, coat it or dip it

BBQ Chicken with rice

Marinated pork chop with noodles

Steamed veg with that extra kick

Pizza with anchovy & chilli taste

Mix with soy sauce to dip your favourite dumplings

Spice up your seitan


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We hope to introduce more unique products as we grow to help you create delicious restaurant quality food at home. For multiple recipe ideas and how to use our products in different ways please carry on browsing the rest of our website or social media contents.

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