About Us

We're a family sauces & seasonings company base in London specialising in Vietnamese and South East Asian flavours. Ládudu, meaning papaya leaf in Vietnamese was created in 2009 provided private home cooking lessons to many Londoner wanting to learn how to make Vietnamese food in their own kitchen (“Success Story from British Library 2009”).

Healthy eating has always been our core value, and nothing says “healthy” better than a good home-cooked meal. Eating out is a luxury not many can afford everyday, it is not just costly but unsustainable for a healthy daily diet. However, cooking at home can be time consuming and often requires a high level of patience, planning, and skills to produce a delicious meal.

To strike a balance our sauces and seasonings are carefully crafted to provide flexibility so you can be as creative as you like with the fresh ingredients you have available at home. Using our sauces & seasonings to create an authentic Vietnamese dish or simply add a touch of South East Asian flavours to your home-cooked meal.

Restaurant quality food at home

In 2011 Ladudu grown into a busy well loved restaurant in London West Hampstead. For years we served popular Vietnamese dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Our restaurant experience taught us many things about fast-pace cooking such as preparing a dish as quickly as possible while maintaining a consistency in quality, freshness and taste. To achieve this we prepared our sauces and seasonings in advance to allow our chefs to combine with fresh ingredients and put dishes together quickly during service.

We love having a restaurant, but our passion for home-cooked food inspired us to venture down our current path, a sauces & seasonings producer. We closed our restaurant in 2017 to focus on developing and growing our products. We believe restaurant quality food can be easily achieved at home with the right combination of flavours.

Our company values and future mission

Our goal at Ladudu is to introduce a range of sauces and seasonings to save cooking time at home. To inspire you to make an authentic Vietnamese dish and/or simply get creative in your kitchen, using our products along with whatever fresh ingredients you have in your fridge to whip up a delicious meal. Our social mission is to bring people together from different cultural backgrounds to bond via a number of food initiatives. Each initiative will highlight differences in taste so we can discover how, when we add our own flavours to make it more acceptable for our palate, we can embrace our differences better.

Want to know more?

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube @ ladudufood for more updates. For an honest insider view from Teresa directly you can follow her on her Facebook page : Teresa H Le where she shares her day-to-day thoughts as well as how she keeps herself balance as a business entrepreneur.

We hope to introduce more unique products as we grow to help you create delicious restaurant quality food at home. For multiple recipe ideas and how to use our products in different ways please carry on browsing the rest of our website or social media contents.

Cám ơn rất nhiều – Thank you very much!